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The 1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup  
1971 Lola T222 Chevrolet

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The Can-Am Challenge Cup was an arena for the world's most free-thinking automotive designers. The cars they created were powerful and capable of speeds faster than the F1 cars of the day. The first championship was won by Lola in 1966, but the next three years were swept by Team McLaren. For the 1970 Season, Eric Broadley (the founder of Lola) and chief designer Bob Marston began work on a completely new car. The result was the T220 which shared little with the preceding T70 and T160 Lolas. It had a full-length aluminum monoque and was constructed to handle 800+ horsepower from the aluminum Chevrolet V8 engine. The car had a wheelbase that measured just 88 inches. The T220 qualified in the top four in eight of the ten events entered and finished on the podium at Donnybroke, Laguna Seca, and Mid-Ohio. The team of Carl Haas and Boyd Jefferies (with factory support from Lola and sponsorship from L&M cigarettes) would finished the season in 8th overall. 

Revson was in the lead at Elkhart Lake when a tire failure occurred, ending his race. Another tire failure occurred the following month at Road Atlanta, just after he had turned the fastest lap of the race. This tire failure resulted in a crash, badly damaging the tub. The damage was repairable and the decision to increase the wheelbase to 98 inches was made. The result of this change was the T222.

During 1970, the Lola team cars were the T220 and T222. The T222 was used as a replacement partway through the season to replace the wrecked T220. The T222 sat atop a wider wheelbase and was based on the T220. It had a rounded design and a full-length aluminum monocoque base. It sat atop a short wheelbase; short for the period and in comparison to other cars of the time. A devastating crash of chassis HU1 at Road Atlanta convinced the team that a wider wheelbase was needed. The HU2 was given a 98-inch wheelbase with the additional length being inserted at the front end of the monocoque. 

The factory backed driver was Peter Revson who drove the L&M-sponsored Lola T220 in the 1970 CanAm Challenge Series. The car proved to be very fast and provided continued competition to the dominant McLaren team. 

In 1971, the Lola/Chevrolet of the prior year entered production with the intention of being sold as a customer car. The car was dubbed the T222. They were used during the 1971 season with owner/drivers Hiroshi Kazato, Dave Causey and Bob Nagel. The cars were even raced in Europe's version of CanAm, the InterSerie.
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This is a texture update for the 1971 Lola T222 Chevrolet. Drop these files in the car folder to install the update. This means putting them in the ...\Sierra\GPL\cars\canm71 directory . Do not replace the original car folder with the one in this zip archive, but rather merge it together so all files are in the same car folder.

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Merge folder 'eagle' together with the original 'eagle' folder, resulting in a single 'eagle' folder located in the ...\Sierra\GPL\cars\canm71 directory.


This is not a Papyrus/Sierra product. Use these files at your own risk (although they should not harm your computer in any way).Please do not sell these files for money. This is freeware.

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new car model
new car textures
new wheel textures
new wheel model based on 1965 mod wheels
new steering wheel texture
new engine textures
new cockpit textures
new player car options
more AI opponents




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